Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery Course (GNM)

Eligibility criteria for admission :

The candidate should have:
  1. A minimum educational qualification of PUC / PDC / 10+2 or equivalent examination passed.
  2. Good conduct and should health and belongs to the age group between 17-35 years.
  3. The candidate should be medically and physically fit.
  4. The candidate have to produce the following certificates during the time of admission.
  5. S.S.L.C. / X Std. certificate.
  6. PUC / PDC / 10+2 passed certificate.
  7. Recent conduct / character certificate from the principal of last attended college.
  8. T.C. / cumulative record.
  9. Physical fitness certificate.
  10. 3 copies of recent photograph.
  11. Migration certificate

Eligibility criteria appearing for the examination:

  • A minimum of 80% attendance in theory and practical / clinical separately in each subject in each academic year is essential for appearing in the examination.
  • A candidate must have 100% attendance in each of the practical areas before award of degree.
  • Each academic year shall be taken as a unit for calculation the attendance.

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Duration 3 YEAR
Equivalent Exam
First Year Second Year Third Year Part-I Third Year Part-II
Lecture 1.1
Bio Sciences (120 Hr)
i) Anatomy & Physiology(90 Hr)
ii) Microbiology(30 Hr)
Lecture 1.1
Medical surgical nursing-I
(including pharmacology)
Theory:120 Hr Practical:800 Hr
Lecture 1.1
Midwifery & Gynaecological Nursing
Theory:140 Hr
Practical:560 Hr
Lecture 1.1
Nursing Education
Theory:20 Hr
Lecture 1.2
Behavioural science(60 Hr) i) Psychology(40 Hr)
ii) Sociology(20 Hr)
Lecture 1.2
Medical surgical nursing-II
Theory 120 Hr
Lecture 1.2
Community Health Nursing-II
Theory:90 Hr
Practic:160 Hr
Lecture 1.2
Introduction to Research
and statistics
Theory:30 Hr
Lecture 1.3
Nursing Foundations
i) Fundamental of nursing Theory:190 Hr
ii) First aid Theory:30 Hr
Practical 200 Hr(Lab) 680 Hr(Clinic)
Lecture 1.3
Mental Health Nursing
Theory:70 Hr Practical:320 Hr
Lecture 1.3
Theory: 10 Hr
Lecture 1.3
Professional Trends &
Theory:30 Hr
Lecture 1.4
Community Health Nursing
i) Community Health Nursing I
ii) Environmental hygiene
iii) Health Education and Communication Skills
iv) Nutrition (Theory:180 Hr
Practical:320 Hr)
Lecture 1.4
Child Health Nursing
Theory:70 Hr
Practical:320 Hr
Lecture 1.4
Nursing Administration &
Ward Management Theory:40 Hr
Lecture 1.5
(Theory:30 Hr)
Lecture 1.5
Co-curricular activities
(Theory:20 Hr)
Lecture 1.6
Computer Education Theory:40 Hr
Lecture 1.7
Co-curricular activities
One Time Payment
Short term Installment Plan
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Short term Installment Plan
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