Chairman’s Messages

Mr.D. Shivalingappa

Founder Chairman,
Former Secretary, Karnataka State Diploma in Nursing Examination Board

Education is the soul of society and the pillar of human civilization. The way of knowledge transfer from one generation to another defines the quality of the education system. Knowledge should be acquired with a simple and humble attitude with the teacher. The outcome of education should be a new idea and invention.

There are many professions that can change society but the profession of teacher is more simple and effective. This is what motivated us to start nursing college. Before the last two decades, our country did not have enough active health care staff to serve society but time has changed. Our country's medical and health care system has improved, this is because of the good education system.

Fresh students entering into a professional course should be trained and motivated well in their college life. They will be the future professionals of our society, the nation relies on them. Being a skilled professional demands a lot of hard work and sacrifice in the training period.

My message to fresh students is, "Do not stop until you are proud of yourself", once you have decided to achieve something work as if there is nothing with you. Always be future-oriented and tend to value your parents, teachers, and society by making them proud one day.